Tactical Training Locker

Introducing the most comprehensive functional training system anywhere! It’s the equipment of choice for some of the nation’s top military, police and firefighting professionals. Now, we’re proud to be the first facility in Southwest Virginia to offer this unique array of training tools.

How Can I Use It?

This equipment is available for anyone enrolled in our new Tactical Locker program series, personal training clients and Lose Big participants. Our trainers & instructors will be your hands-on guides to the equipment while coaching you through targeted exercise routines you won’t find anywhere else. Register Online Here for Tactical Locker Classes, or scroll down for detailed course descriptions.

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PLEASE NOTE: All outdoor equipment including training tires are available only during programs or under the supervision of a certified personal trainer.

TRX Locker

What Are the Benefits?

LIFT - Build strength and power through multi-joint movement and  recruitment of major muscles while you squat, bench, press and more! Squat rack, bumper plates and kettlebells are just a few of the tools you’ll use in the Lift section!

MOVE - Enhance speed, agility and overall quality of movement through functional training and conditioning you to peak performance. Pulls up bars, rip trainer, suspension trainer, and heavy ropes are some of the equipment that will help you reach your optimal athletic performance.

- Utilize active recovery techniques and employ myofascial release movement to increase overall mobility and range of motion. Recovery is also an important piece of increased cardio endurance.